About Me


My name is Noor Daghistani and I am a board certified psychiatric pharmacist. I received my Doctor of Pharmacy and Master in General Psychology at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. After graduating from NSU, I completed a general pharmacy residency at Baptist Hospital of Miami and a psychiatric pharmacy residency at NSU. I now work as a clinical pharmacist at Western State Hospital in Tacoma, WA.

As you can see, one of my passions is the study of the human mind! You might be thinking, what is a psychiatric pharmacist doing talking about food and nutrition? Well, another one of my passions is food! I am a foodie and I love learning about how our food impacts every aspect of our lives – our health, our environment, and the animals.

Although I’ve always loved food, I never really gave a thought about how the food I ate affected my health and the health of everything else around me. It was not until after I graduated from pharmacy school and saw the medication burden that my patients were facing that I had a shift in perception.

I saw how some of my patients’ lives revolved around their medications and the side effects those medications caused. I saw how living a life with a long list of medications was not really living at all. It was a slow, painful death filled with years of doctors’ visits and agonizing medical procedures.

I started to think, is this what aging really looks like? Are we doomed by the genes that were passed down to us? I refused to believe that this was the case. I did not want to accept a fate filled with pharmaceuticals, so I began searching for answers and was blown away by what I found! Now, I feel the need and the responsibility to share this information with you.

I am here to educate you on the possibilities for a healthier future for yourself and for our planet. I am here to empower you, to take your health into your own hands, and to show you the beautiful impact you can have on not only your health, but the health of the planet and its gentle creatures, just by changing what you put into your body!