Tips for Adding Probiotic Foods to Your Diet

Tips for Adding Probiotic Foods to Your Diet

Were you amazed at just how powerful probiotics are after listening to What You Need to Know About Probiotics? It’s so eye-opening to think how much we actually rely on these microscopic organisms for healthy living.

I have to admit when I first learned that probiotics were tied to health I was floored, and immediately purchased my first bottle.When I was younger I was always sick, needless to say, I lived off of frozen meals and processed junk, but that is beside the point. I was constantly in the doctor’s office for a sore throat, fever, or stomach bug, and each time I left, I had my handy prescription for antibiotics. It wasn’t until years into my constant doctor visits that I realized, whenever I was on my antibiotics I ended up with a yeast infection. It was then I did my own research and discovered the world of probiotics. Now in my rare visits to the doctor, if I am given an antibiotic, I make sure to take my probiotic, and I haven’t experienced another yeast infection since!

After a while of plant-based living, I started to move to a more whole-foods diet and really worked to eliminate the majority supplements I was taking. Of course, vitamin D and vitamin B12 will always be a staple in my diet, but the probiotics? With my plant-based way of eating full of fermented foods like tempeh, soy yogurts, sauerkraut, and pickles I was covered. And not to mention, the plethora of prebiotic-rich favorites like raw onions, garlic, and leeks I felt confident my gut health could thrive, and I could take one less vitamin.

Even now after relying only on food sources of these beneficial bacteria for over a year I am still reaping the benefits of a healthy gut. My skin is clear (after all, the skin is considered the window the gut), my immune system is keeping me healthy (gut health and immune health are tightly correlated) and my digestion is like clockwork.

So, what are some of my favorite tips for adding more probiotics to your diet, today?

  • Work to add at least one fermented food item to two of your meals each day.
    • Include pickles on your veggie burger or sandwiches
    • Add sauerkraut to your veggie hot dogs and salads
    • Experiment with cooking some fried rice with kimchi, it is delicious!
  • Try some probiotic rich beverages and condiments.
    • When making a salad, use apple cider vinegar instead of a regular white vinegar
    • Making a smoothie? Add some dairy-free yogurt for a probiotic boost
    •  Have you had kombucha? Give this delicious fermented beverage a try!
  • Remember to aim for 2 servings of 2 different probiotic sources a day!

And of course, we can’t forget about our prebiotics. Prebiotics are the fuel for our probiotics, so if we want the benefits of a healthy gut, we need to keep those little gals and guys happy.

  • Be sure to include prebiotic-rich foods in your diet by:
    • Adding raw onions to your salad and sandwiches
    • Eating bananas and apples as snacks
    • Using sprouted breads for your sandwiches and toast

What is one probiotic food you are going to start adding to your diet today?

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